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Too embarrassed to have friends over?

One of the most heartbreaking things you can say to me is:

"I'm too embarrassed by my messy house to invite friends and family over."

Many people I work with feel some level of those big, ugly emotions of shame or guilt, so I'm not surprised by this comment, but it does still break my heart.

The article I think I've shared the most often during my 8+ years of home organizing is:

The author shares a link to another article by Rev. Jack King where he says:

"Friendship isn’t about always being ‘excellent’ with one another. Friendship is about preparing a space for authentic conversation. And sometimes authenticity happens when everything is a bit scruffy."

I wholeheartedly agree! Think about the last time you enjoyed a meal with friends in their home. Did you notice their chaotic playroom, their cluttered coffee table, or their (gasp) sink full of dirty dishes? Or do you recall the enjoyable conversations, and the simple joy of sharing a meal?

Sometime soon, I encourage you to invite friends over. Keep it simple, and welcome in as much Ease as possible. Perhaps it's a potluck in your yard, or you order pizza so no one has to cook. You could even ask guests to bring their own plates and utensils! (I'm a minimalist at heart and have done this several times, odd as it may seem. I often end up with a forgotten plate or bowl but then I've got an excuse to see that friend again.) :) You could also opt for a simple tea party or even (my favorite), a clothing swap!

What are your ideas for bringing more Ease, Connection, and Joy into the experience of sharing time with friends in your home?

What I'm Learning:

I'm doing a course called Stage to Scale that teaches people how to create a Signature Talk that is compelling, authentic, and leads to more business. I love public speaking (am I the only one?!) and will soon be contacting real estate agents, women's groups, and libraries to offer my inspiring story.

What I'm Listening to:

I'm doing a 10-week mastermind group called The Mastermind Life, and we're reading through Think & Grow Rich together. I also found a free audiobook version on Spotify that I highly recommend!

Quote I'm pondering:

This Note from the Universe via Mike Dooley made my heart sing:


Be proud to know as much as you do about life, dreams, and reality. Bask, Angela.

It was a long march to reach this level of enlightenment, and many a battle has been won over fear, limiting beliefs, and mass consciousness.

Don't let self-consciousness keep you from shining your light in a world that would be unimaginably incomplete without you

This is your moment.

So proud,

The Universe


via Mike Dooley. You can sign up for your own Notes, which I recommend!

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