Home Organizing

After your phone consultation and choosing your package, we'll set up your first session.

We'll tour through your home at the beginning of your first three-hour session, then jump in and get to work. Our promise to you is that your home will look and feel more organized by the end of the very first session.

In addition to guiding you about what to keep, toss and donate, we’ll coach you through the whole process so you can learn the skills you need to continue enjoying a clutter-free space. Three cheers for feeling empowered!

We serve Gainesville, Florida and surrounding communities with in-home Professional Home Organizing. Angela also offers Virtual Home Organizing to clients all over the world.

What’s included?

We offer decluttering & home organizing, which may include light cleaning but only as necessary during the process. We recommend hiring a locally owned cleaning company for deep cleaning services. Some packages include donation removal and extra assistance.

YES! Let's get started!


"Angela is awesome! We have had three sessions so far and every time she's here is a pleasure. She's kind, non-judgmental, and hilarious. We have fun, my life gets simplified and organized, and I feel better at the end of it. Cannot recommend her enough!"

~Andrea Schuster​

"These sessions were so surprisingly painless, fun, and, believe it or not, deeply satisfying. I feel purged, cleansed, polished, and refreshed! Angela is delightful to work with, non-judgmental, loves what she does, and gives just the right amount of support, direction, and room for you to say "NO, I need to keep that!" I love my home now: organized, cleared, functional. This process made me happy!"

~Randi Cameon

"My work with Angela has changed my life. She was so supportive. She helped me by bringing awareness to why I was holding on to things, helped me let go of things that were no longer serving me, and gave me practical storage solutions. I now find things effortlessly and keeping my home organized is quick and easy now that everything has its place.


I thought I couldn't afford to pay for decluttering services....not true! Selling items I no longer need more than paid for my sessions, and I continue to save money each month by not buying duplicate items I already have but cannot find or buying items I don't really need. Thank you, Angela, for simplifying and enriching my life!"

-Tonya Strong


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