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Last-minute gift ideas that won't end up as clutter!

If you're a bit anti-consumerist like me but still want to express love and care by giving gifts, here are a few of my favorite gift ideas!

🎶 Tickets to a concert or theatrical performance. Locally, we have Heartwood Soundstage, the Phillips Center, The Hippodrome, and several wonderful local theatres and performance venues.

🦕 Tickets to a local museum. The Harn and the Florida Museum of Natural History are free but the touring exhibits cost extra, as does the magical Butterfly Rainforest. There's also the Cade Museum which is fun for kids and adults alike, the Cotton Club Museum, and the Matheson History Museum among others.

🎁 Gift cards to a local small business. Some of my favorites include Heart Mind Healing (in Thornebrooke Village), House of Waking Life (downtown behind The Hipp), Floating Lotus Spa (everyone wants a massage, right?), the AUK Market behind Curia (they have a Mini Market tomorrow, Dec. 23rd from 12-5!), and The How Bazar downtown. It's been a tough few years for us local small businesses, so every dollar kept in our community truly matters!

🥘 Homemade food, especially soup! If you know your friend or family member super well and you love to cook, this can be such a lovely gift!

💌 A Gratitude Letter, which could include a Gratitude Visit! I learned from The Science of Well-Being course that writing a letter of gratitude and reading it out loud to the recipient can boost your mood for literally weeks!

💓 "Coupons" for a night of babysitting, doing the dishes, help with cleaning, or any other household task can be especially excellent gifts for friends or family members with young kids or a baby in the house.

💐 A bouquet of flowers. Ward's always has fresh flowers, including roses of many brilliant colors. Fresh flowers help make a house feel like a home!

Have you enjoyed giving or receiving any of the above? What have been some of the best gifts you've ever received?

Also, the Simplify Home Organizing Year-End Sale offering $200 off the Fresh Start package of home organizing ends on the 31st, so simply fill out this form if you're ready to receive the gift of an organized home!

Wishing you a lovely Christmas if you celebrate, and an easeful transition into the year ahead.


Angela Dragon

CEO, Simplify Home Organizing

Functional Health & Happiness Coach / Certified Cuddle Sanctuary Event Leader

P.S. The next Cuddle Sanctuary is on Friday, January 19th at Flow Space! Registration is now open!

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