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🍁 Fall decluttering tips!

As the weather begins to cool off, we are opening windows again and letting in fresh energy! Perhaps you feel inspired to declutter or organize a bit to mark this transition, and start to get ready for the holiday season.

Here are three quick tips!

1. Notice if any windows are blocked by a TV, furniture, or other item. Consider relocating those things so that your windows are all fully visible, and accessible enough to open. Sunlight boosts our mood, fresh air is good for our health, and it’s good Feng Shui to keep these energy channels open!

2. Hire help. This could be a cleaner, personal assistant, dog walker, or of course Simplify Home Organizing! If you’ve been stuck in a state of overwhelm for a while, consider hiring our experienced team of professional home organizers. We’ll get you unstuck, and as a bonus, you’ll likely feel empowered to tackle other areas on your own or between sessions. Here’s a recent text I received from a client who is doing just that:

3. Choose what to keep, not what to discard. Just about every client i’ve worked with over the last nine years has tried decluttering on their own first, and most make the same mistake of trying to simply look in their closet (or pantry, cupboards, etc.) and pick out things to donate or toss. This is a negative experience - no one likes to reject their things! Instead, remove everything from the area and then choose your “keeps” first!

Pick out your treasures, your favorites, and your “Oh, I LOVE this!” items first, and then address whatever is leftover, keeping in mind the feeling you had when you identified your truly loved or useful items.

Let me know if these tips were helpful! I’ll be here cheering you on. 😃

As always, if you’re ready to receive some support, my team is delighted to be of service. Simply fill out this form and I’ll text you to set up your free phone consultation to learn more about your needs and explain how the process works.

In loving service,

P.S. I have room for a few more Functional Health & Happiness Coaching clients, so if you'd like 1:1 support with navigating life's transitions, creating a healthier lifestyle, or setting clearer boundaries with your time, those are my specialties! You can book your free phone consultation online.

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