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The Energy of Money

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

As my relationship with the energy of money continues to improve (and it truly is a relationship), I am more mindful about both how I receive and how I spend money.

Today I got to experience the JOY of supporting a fellow woman business owner - while buying a gift card for another fellow woman business owner! I could squeal with delight about this because it is truly the kind of flow I've always wanted to enjoy when it comes to money.

As I'm learning in a course called ReSourced (brilliantly created and facilitated by Kianga at @loveandfreedomeducation), the energy of money is the energy of *exchange*. When we can give and receive with JOY and PLEASURE, energy flows freely.

It was so lovely to see you today, Caitlyn! Gainesville, check out @heartmindgnv in Thornebrooke Village for all your heart-mind-body-spirit needs!

P.S. I fell IN LOVE with the necklace on the right in the photo. I don't normally wear crystal necklaces because they're usually just a pendant. These, though? Caitlyn even had me put one on my neck and it made me feel like a queen!

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