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Declutter Your Clothing with Ease & Joy!

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Who else is excited for the promise of a fresh start in the new year?

I find that decluttering and organizing brings me a deep sense of peace, and a sense of having control over at least one little aspect of my life. It can be downright therapeutic!

It can also be totally overwhelming.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with your closet and clothing in general, I have just the thing for you! I created Declutter Your Clothing with Ease & Joy, an online course with video instruction from yours truly showing you the exact method that I've successfully used with clients for the last six years.

While the course specifically teaches you how to declutter your clothing, the same techniques can be applied to most other categories in your home. You may also want to lovingly send the link to a friend or family member in need.

Also, did you know I offer virtual workshops customized for your group? Check out the complete list of my offerings on my recently updated Simplify Home Organizing website! I also still have room for a few more Happiness Coaching clients. To get started with coaching, simply shoot me a text at 352-888-4834 to set up a quick phone consultation.

One last thing: a request. If you've worked with me in any capacity, could you leave me a quick Google review? Google reviews are worth their weight in GOLD to us small biz owners.

Wishing you a home and life filled with the Essences of Ease, Flow, and Joy.

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