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Tips for letting go...

As some of you may know, at the beginning of July, there was a fire in my apartment building in the unit directly above mine. I ended up being displaced for the entire month of July. This was incredibly stressful, as you can imagine. I also had to say goodbye to a handful of items, and was reminded of the impermanent nature of all things. 🥲 A dear friend asked for tips for letting go of sentimental items, so that seemed like a fitting and timely topic to discuss!

Here's what to do when you find yourself faced with an item or items that don't really fit in your life, but that may be difficult to let go of. Perhaps it's a gift from a loved one, an outfit you loved that no longer fits, or something you spent good money on but never ended up using.

Having a physical storage limit can help. For example, I have a memory box for my most treasured cards. About twice/year (usually just after my birthday and Christmas), I go through it to make space for any newly treasured cards or letters. I love doing this since I get to reflect on the treasures of the past, and the people who expressed their love for me. It always makes my heart feel warm & fuzzy. 🥰

Another tip is to photograph the item, then let it go. Some things really are best in physicality, but not everything. For example, one client years ago had her bronzed baby shoes. She didn't love them, and they didn't match her decor, so she took a photo and then felt ready to drop them in the donation box.

One last tip for now - and this is our most used one: Hug the item. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and really feel whatever emotions arise. Send gratitude to the person who gave it to you, or to the item itself for being of service to you, then set it free for someone else to use or enjoy.

What items in your home are taking up valuable space even though they aren't actively used or deeply cherished?

Presentations and Workshops are BACK!

Amidst the chaos of the last few weeks, I had two very fun presentations scheduled, and felt grateful for some sense of normalcy, and the opportunity to connect in-person. Is it weird that public speaking provided some stress relief for me? :)

In July, I presented Practice Happiness: 7 Tips to Cultivate More JOY at the Gainesville Area Women's Network (GAWN) monthly luncheon at the Sweetwater Branch Inn. (Are you a professional woman who wants to connect with other women? I highly recommend joining GAWN!)

Just last night, I led my signature workshop, Confronting Clutter: How to Get Started, to a sold-out room of GAWN members and guests. We enjoyed lively discussions about emotional attachment, the mental and emotional toll of clutter, and the many tools we can use to hone our decision-making skills to prevent that feeling of overwhelm in the first place.

Would Practice Happiness or Confronting Clutter be a good fit for you group? Feel free to reply to this email or text me at 352-888-4834 so we can plan a time to chat! I'm always looking to connect with groups of busy, professional women.

BOOK LAUNCH - Conscious Adulting in the Digital Age!

My very dear friend Melissa "Honey Bee" Baker is launching her book, "Conscious Adulting in the Digital Age" on August 27th! Join us for this FREE event at Curia on the Drag featuring live music, food and drinks, crystal singing bowls, and more. RSVP today and invite all your friends!

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