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Food for Thought

I often wonder what life would be like if we spent a whole lot more time joyfully cooking and sharing meals. I've often felt like cooking is a burden - a thing I'm always trying to reduce the time I spend doing. Do you feel this way?

How could we restructure society so that we aren't always rushing from one thing to the next? So that we have more time for activities that truly nourish us, like singing around a campfire, sharing meals with friends, or simply gazing at the clouds?

I hear that there are places in the world where this is still the norm. They lack modern "conveniences" so, in some ways, life is much more difficult, but they also don't struggle so much with stress, loneliness, and lack of connection to the natural world. Nearly all the "Blue Zones" of the world - places where people live to be 100+ - involve daily social interaction, eating whole foods food mostly grown in your backyard, and minimal hustle-culture stress.

Those are my thoughts as I enjoy this meal that I lovingly prepared, but ate alone...

P.S. elderberries are in season, so I made this elderberry syrup that is the prettiest color!

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