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Can Decluttering Lead to Major Life Changes? You Betcha!

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

I'll share some practical tips momentarily but first, it's *story time*! 😀

Here are two (of many) stories that serve as examples of how decluttering and organizing your home can lead to you making major life changes.

I had a client many years ago who was living in a two-bedroom home and had recently begun dating a wonderful man. He lived far away and would sometimes stay at her home, and she hired me (I was working solo then) partially to clear out the guest bedroom to make it more comfortable for him. We did just that and I think it was no coincidence that a few months later, they got engaged, then went on to get married and buy a house together. She made physical space for him, which I think signified that she was ready to welcome him more fully into her heart. 💖

Here's another fun story: I recently heard from a client I saw several years ago during an especially challenging time in her life. She joyfully shared that she has since moved to a different state - one that truly feels like "home" - having left her toxic and stressful job, and gotten rid of a ton of stuff when she sold her large house. She expressed her gratitude for jumpstarting this series of events when we decluttered and reorganized her home, which helped her to connect more with her family, relieved some of her stress, and taught her lifelong tools for managing her home environment.

This leads to a powerful question: WHY do we have clutter in the first place? 🧐

The answer certainly varies from person to person but I'd say the root is often this: We lack *clarity* about what we want and need. When we are uncertain about our values and goals, it leads to indecision.

We can gain clarity, however, from what has been referred to in my ADAPT Functional Health Coach training program as Visioning. When we have a clear vision for our life, we can use that as a guidepost for every decision.

Naturally, now is an excellent time of year to ponder our vision! I encourage you to get quiet, perhaps sitting in meditation or while doing a gentle yoga practice, and ask yourself: What do I want my life to look like a year from now? Or an even deeper question: What do I want to be known for at the end of my life?

As an example, some of my core values (which can also be thought of as Essences, which I will explain more another time) are Contribution, Connection, Community, Authenticity, and Freedom. If a new project or hobby doesn't align with these, then it's not for me. This process works for physical things, too. As an example, I recently purchased a high-quality air purifier for my home because I plan to host more gatherings like cacao ceremonies, women's circles, and someday Cuddle Sanctuary events. This checks the boxes of several of my Essences, so I decided it was worth the cost.

Do your worldly possessions align with your values? Are you clear on the vision you have for your life? Is the vision you once had still current for you?

What I'm Reading:

A friend shared with me that they crave sugar after nearly every meal and asked if I had any insights as to why this was happening. As someone who used to have the same experience and has since regulated my blood sugar enough that I almost never have sugar cravings, I was happy to discuss this topic!

If podcasts are your thing, check out Ask the RD: Post Meal Sugar Cravings. If you prefer reading, this article may lend some insights.

What I'm Listening to:

A Charlie Brown Christmas is my all-time favorite Christmas album. It's delightfully jazzy and upbeat, and reminds me of watching A Charlie Brown Christmas with my boisterous family at my grandparents' house back in the day.

I got to see Rising Appalachia in concert last weekend - my third time seeing them live and they were as captivating as ever! Check out their new album.

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